The salon is open to all photography amateurs and professionals willing to participate, without limits of age or origin. This international salon enjoys the sponsorship of the FIAP 2013/199 and CEF I/2013/12. The rules that apply will be stipulated by the CEF and FIAP, and will count towards obtaining their honorary titles.

Participating in this contest implies the acceptation of all its rules.




Digital files only.



A- Monochrome, free topic.

B- Colour, free topic.

All techniques or treatments are accepted in both sections.


Number of pictures: 4 per section.



The images must be in JPG format, with a long side of only 1.024 pixels if the format is horizontal or 768 pixels if the format is vertical. It is recommended that the colour space be RGB. No file can exceed 800 kB.



Digital image files will be submitted via Web. The entry, the image transfer and the payment of admission rights will be carried out through the Internet on the web site:, following the instructions stated there. 

The authors are responsible for the non existance of Rights of Third Parties and for any image rights complaint.

The digital files submitted online will be handled very carefully by the organisation. However this will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to them.

A catalogue in CD format including the winnig and all the photographs selected in each section with the names of the authors stated, will be edited and sent to all participants.

Participating in this contest, the participants allow the "Ist SALON OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

“Illa de Menorca”" to later reproduce the works with the aim of promoting the contest in particular and its activities in general, in any media ( paper, CD, web, etc), always stating the name of the author.



Salon's Honors Prize tohe Best Autor:

Trophee (exclusive design), FIAP special badge (light blue) and 300 € to the author of the Salon who, with the addition of the acceptances in all sections has obtained the highest score.

For every section:

FIAP Gold medal to the best qualified.

FIAP Silver medal to the second best qualified.

FIAP Bronze medal to the third best qualified.

6 FIAP Ribbon Mencions d'Honor FIAP a les millors finalistes

CEF Gold medal to the best qualified spanish author.

CEF Silver medal to the 2ndbest qualified spanish author.

CEF Bronze medal to the best qualified author qualified author resident in Balearic Islands.

Fotoclub Cercle Artístic Ciutadella” trophee to the best qualified author resident in Minorca.


The same author may only qualify for a prize in each section, except the prize of honour and the “Fotoclub Cercle Artístic Ciutadella” trophee, which itself may be accrued with another prize FIAP or CEF.



The payment method will be PayPal.

1 section 12 € / 16 $ USD per author

2 sections 18 € / 24 $ USD per author

The works recieved without payment of the rights and entry will not be judged.



Sr. Bosco Mercadal ACEF, AFIAP

Sr. Joan Palmer Picornell . MFIAP, ESFIAP, EH.ISF, ACEF, EFCF, President CEF

Sr. Pau Gener Fernandez. President Foto Club Cercle Artístic


Substitute jury

Sr. Antoni Cladera Barceló, ACEF


Salon Chairman

Sr. Joan Mercadal García, ACEF


The judgement taken by the jury will not be subject to appeal.



Works submission start: 24/06/2013

Works submission deadline: 10/11/2013

Veredict: 23/11/2013

Results notification: from 27/11/2013

Photographs projection and awards ceremony: 14/12/2013

CD Catalogue and prizes delivery: january 2014



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